Confidence in the face of the soaring fuel price

So the combination of a weak Rand and high international oil prices has pushed our local South African fuel prices through the roof!

Truckers are being squeezed between these high diesel prices, resistance from their customers and competition with each other.  This pressure on the transport industry spreads backwards to the truck manufacturers and dealers and forwards to the retailers and their customers.

It would be easy in the face of all this to despair to lose confidence in our own economy, but let’s not do that!

It’s confidence that the South African business person needs!  Yes, just the confident belief that we can do this, we can turn our economy around.  When we as business people are feeling confident we talk courage into each other, make better plans for the future and better business decisions.  Now is the time to improve our efficiencies, look at problems differently and adapt to the new conditions.

So let’s not spread despair but confidence!  A bullish business community will help the Rand recover and be part of the solution.