Wendy McDonald

Confidence in the face of the soaring fuel price

So the combination of a weak Rand and high international oil prices has pushed our local South African fuel prices through the roof! Truckers are being squeezed between these high diesel prices, resistance from their customers and competition with each other.  This pressure on the transport industry spreads backwards to the truck manufacturers and dealers …

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Times have changed.

Times have changed and leaving your in-tank fuel unprotected is just like leaving your daily milk and OJ out on the doorstep. Remove the temptation and secure your vehicles’ fuel with a correctly fitted Diesel Guard.  It will keep your fuel out of harms way for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Buying a new truck

When buying a new truck, ask your salesman to fit a full Diesel Guard Kit before delivery. Your fuel will be protected from the trucks’ first operational day and no-one will get into the habit of siphoning out of its tanks. There will be no skewing of fuel use statistics and fuel efficiency and costs …

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To Spend to Save

Its one of life’s real paradoxes that in order to make money or to save money we have to spend money. It costs a bit to put a lock on the door, but you would not think of going without one! And so it is with diesel anti-siphoning devices. They cost a bit, finding the …

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